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Swimtraxx One is the smartest swim specific tracker. Ever.

While swimming, the device registers tons of data that is translated into valuable insights to the free app on your coaches iPad or your smartphone. You can now keep track of your training skills in a super efficient way without having to collect the data yourself.

Swimtraxx One is designed for swimmers, by swimmers. Swimtraxx One suits everyone: Olympians, collegiate swimmers, club swimmers, triathletes and recreational swimmers. You can use it for professional as well as non-professional purposes.

1. Turn Swimtraxx One ON/OFF.

TIP Swimtraxx One broadcasts wirelessly when on.

How To Wear Button Action Haptic
power button Long press to power on. Ramp up buzz.
power button Long press to power off. Ramp down buzz.

2. START/STOP workout mode. 

TIP When entering workout mode your heart rate sensor turns on.

Start and Stop your workout Button Action Haptic
power button Long press to start workout. Single buzz.
power button Long press to stop workout. Double buzz.

3. RESET pairing.

TIP Use reset pairing when Swimtraxx One does not pair automaticly.

How To Wear Button Action Haptic
power button Long press to start pairing. Single buzz.
power button Long press to stop pairing. Double buzz.

Swimtraxx One registers tons of interesting parameters such as heart rate, turn time, lap time, push-off acceleration, stroke identifier, stroke rate, stroke count, breath count and underwater time. 

In open water the available parameters are heart rate, stroke rate, stroke count, stroke identifier and breath count.

Swimtraxx One can be used in indoor/outdoor swimming pools as well as open waters.

Swimtraxx One is designed to be as small and as comfortable as possible. We worked together with Olympic athletes to make sure the size and shape of Swimtraxx One are optimized for comfort. It can easily be mounted onto the swimming goggles, therefore you won’t even notice it’s there.
  • Butterfly
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Freestyle
  • Kicks

Swimtraxx One is great at recognizing swimming but has a few dislikes.  Knowing the unsupported activities will help you understand why you see certain results in your swim workout insights. The most commonly encountered unsupported activities that will affect data accuracy are:


Because Swimtraxx One depends on head movement to recognize the stroke, snorkels make it harder to classify stroke types. This is because the head does not move for breathing, which is one of the main indicators used to identify the stroke being performed.

Partial Lengths

The unit uses the start and end swim, along with the pool distance (set at the beginning of the workout) to calculate the metrics. If an athlete swims any less than the full pool distance, the system will still calculate the metrics as though they swam a full 25m. This will result in some very unexpected metrics values.

Mid-length Stroke Switch

Swimtraxx will only classify stroke type once per length, so if an athlete switches strokes mid-length, Swimtraxx will continue to calculate it’s metrics based on the initial stroke type, but will no longer find strokes as the movements entirely change.

Ending on a Turn  

A turn signifies another lap is about to be executed. If no lap is swum after a turn, Swimtraxx One will continue to calculate any movement and might produce false metrics.


Most drills will be recognized, as they appear mostly like the stroke they are teaching, however drills that completely change the look of a stroke (breast with dolphin kick, one arm fly, sharkfin, etc.) will cause Swimtraxx One to not know what stroke type to assign, and therefore produce no or false metrics. Using equipment like fins, paddles and/or pull buoys will produce metrics normally.

1 arm butterfly

As mentioned above, 1 arm butterfly looks very confusing for Swimtraxx One. It has characteristics consistent with both freestyle and butterfly and is therefore often classified incorrectly.

A Swimtraxx ID is the account used to sign in to Swimtraxx services. This account allows users to access all of Swimtraxx products and services, such as Swimtraxx Mobile and Swimtraxx Team. Below you can find how to register your Swimtraxx ID.

Tap "register". Sign up.  Tap "Profile". Complete your profileAll set!
step1 power button power button power button power button

1. Connect to power.

Before you start, please charge your Swimtraxx One. Correctly place the waterproof magnetic connector of the charging cable to the back of Swimtraxx One. Let Swimtraxx One charge until the indicator light turns solid green, indicating a fully charged battery.


2. Pair your smartphone

Turn Swimtraxx One on by long pressing the power button. Download and launch Swimtraxx Mobile on your smartphone, tap “Profile” and go to “My device”. From here, connect Swimtraxx One to your device and link it to your account. Navigate to swimtraxx.com/app for more info and direct download links.

How To Wear

3. Ready for your first swim?

Fixate your Swimtraxx One to your goggle strap by threading it through the top shell wings. Ensure the smallest side of Swimtraxx One is closest to your goggle lens. To put Swimtraxx One into workout mode, read the “Button Controls” section in the Quick Start Guide.

To use the connected features of the Swimtraxx One, it must be paired directly through the Swimtraxx mobile app.

  1. 1. Install and open the Swimtraxx Mobile app from the app store of your smartphone.
  2. 2. If this is the first time you are using the Swimtraxx App, register your account and setup your profile.
  3. 3. Bring your smartphone within 10m (33ft.) of your Swimtraxx One device.
  4. 4. Turn on your Bluetooth on your smartphone and make sure the airplane mode/flight mode is not turned on.
  5. 5. Make sure your Swimtraxx One is powered on by selecting the power button.

TIP The first time your device is turned on, the device is in pairing mode. You can hold the STOP button to manually enter pairing mode.

  1. 6. Within the app, once your user profile is created, connect your device by tapping Profile > My device > Link new device.
  2. 7. Select your Swimtraxx One device which has the following name: “Swimtraxx-uniqueID”.
  3. 8. The status within the device settings tab should will indicate “Connected”.
  4. 9. Tap "Update firmware" to update to the latest firmware available.

TIP Update your device whenever there is a new update available to improve your experience with your Swimtraxx One.

Your device is now ready to give you all your valuable insights into all your workouts.  

power buttonOffOff.Turned Off.

power buttonBlue
BreathingTurned on and idle.
BlinkingTurned on and in pairing mode.
SolidTurned on, idle and connected.

power buttonRed
BlinkingBattery critical.
BreathingCharging. Battery level: 0 - 40%.

power buttonYellowBreathingCharging. Battery level: 41 - 70%.

power buttonGreen
BreathingCharging. Battery level: 71 - 99%.
SolidCharged. Battery level: 100%.

power buttonPurple
BlinkingSyncing your workout.
BreathingMemory full.

Fixate Swimtraxx One to your goggle strap by threading it through the top shell wings. Ensure the smallest side of Swimtraxx One is closest to your goggle lens.

Start and stop your workout by following next steps:

  1. 1. Turn your Swimtraxx One ON by pressing the Power button. A ramp up buzz is produced and the indicator light turns blue.
  2. 2. You long press the [ • ] button for about two seconds to begin a workout. You will feel a single buzz to confirm.
  3. 3. You are ready to swim! Hop in the water and start your workout.
  4. 4. Once you are done with your workout, long press the [ •• ] button to finish. You will feel a double buzz to confirm.
  5. 5. Swimtraxx One is now ready to offload your workout to the app.
  6. 6. Workout offloaded? Turn the device OFF by long pressing the Power button.

TIP Not sure if you acctually started your workout properly? Do a quick visual check if the Heartrate sensor is on. Is the sensor green? Then you are good to go!   

Please find the Swimtraxx One magnetic charging cable inside the product box.  Follow the below described steps to charge Swimtraxx one.

  • Place the magnetic connector of the USB cable to the back of the Swimtraxx One device. A magnetic connection will ensure the correct contact.
  • Please note there is only one charging direction possible. 
    • Place your Swimtraxx One bottom down in front of you, with the charging port facing right.
    • Untie the cable and unroll it with the magnetic connector facing left and the USB connecter pointing to yourself.
    • Energy will flow like it never did before after a such a simple (magnetic) click.

  • Plug the USB connector into a USB charging port.
  • Charge the device completely to a battery level of 100%.
  charging instructions

While charging, the indicator light blinks to indicate the battery status of Swimtraxx One.


When your smartphone is within range, Swimtraxx One syncs its battery status automatically with Swimtraxx Mobile while charging. Charging a fully depleted battery takes up to 2 hours.

  • Keep your training device in a cool and dry place.
  • Do not keep it in a damp environment, in non-breathable material (a plastic bag or a sports bag) nor with conductive material (a wet towel).
  • Do not expose the training device to direct sunlight for extended periods, such as by leaving it in a car or on your towel when training outdoors.
  • It is recommended to store the training device partially or fully charged. The battery slowly loses its charge when it is stored.

TIP If you are going to store the training device for several months, it is recommended to recharge it after a few months. This will prolong the battery lifetime.  

Wipe the device using a cloth dampened with a mild detergent solution. Please take extra care of the charging contacts and the optical window for the heart rate sensor. Wipe Swimtraxx One dry and allow it to dry completely. 

TIP Keep the optical sensor area clean and scratch-free. Scratches and dirt will reduce the performance of the optical heart rate measurement.  

To get the best experience out of Swimtraxx One, please make sure to update the firmware to the latest version available. Firmware updates are performed throughout Swimtraxx Mobile and are there to improve the functionality of Swimtraxx One. You will be notified if there is a new version available to download. 

To use the connected features of the Swimtraxx One, it must be paired directly through the Swimtraxx mobile app.

  1. 1. Open Swimtraxx Mobile
  2. 2. Tap Profile and select “My Device”
  3. 3. Check if your Swimtraxx One is linked.
  4. 4. A red notification bubble  will indicate if an update is available.
  5. 5. Select the latest firmware version from the list and agree to proceed with the installation.
  6. 6. Once the firmware is installed, Swimtraxx One will reboot.
  7. 7. Swimtraxx Mibile indicates your update was successful.
  8. 8. Link Swimtraxx One again to Swimtraxx Mobile and get ready for your next swim.

WARNING Do not disconnect Swimtraxx One and keep your smartphone running Swimtraxx Mobile within range during the update.
None. You can download the app for free onto your mobile phone. There are no additional costs for further use.
All registered swimming data will be transferred and automatically saved into readable, insightful information in Swimtraxx Mobile.

Inviting your coach to follow your workouts can be done in 4 easy steps.

Tap "profile". Tap "Coaches". Tap "+". Fill your coach email and tap "send coach request".
step1 power button power button power button

Repeat step 3 and 4 to add another coach.

Yes you can! We completely understand that you prefer to have your actual workout date and time in your dashboard rather than the syncing moment. Follow the below steps to change the date and time.

None. You can download the app for free onto your iPad. There are no additional costs for further use.

Swimtraxx Team allows you to classify your swimmers into groups by age, lane, training group, personal stroke, etc. 

  • Tap [ICON] to open the group overview and select the group you want to monitor. 

Create a new group

  • Tap [ICON] to add a new group, enter the group name and select the swimmers from the list and confirm Tap [ICON] to confirm and add the group. 

Edit or delete a group

  • If you want to add or remove a swimmer to/from a group long press on the group name tile in the overview. Tap "edit group" to make changes to the constellation of the group or tap "delete group" to delete the group.

To be able to monitor live workout data, you need to make sure that:

  • Swimtraxx Team is open on your tablet.

  • Your tablet within range, minimum X meter away from Swimtraxx One.

  • The swimmers Swimtraxx One is linked to your tablet. [Read More]

  • Your swimmer is being tracked via Swimtraxx Team. [Read More]

To ensure a stable connection, Swimtraxx One should be out of the water.

You will be notified when: 

  • A new workout has been performed by a swimmer you are coaching.
  • A comment has been submitted to a workout from a swimmer you are coaching.
  • A coaching request has been send to you.

From the messages in your inbox, you can directly navigate to the submitted workout, read the submitted comment or accept the coaching request.

Download Swimtraxx Team for iPad on the App Store.