A game changer has come to swimming!

A game changer has come to swimming!

On Tuesday November 12th at 3pm, Swimtraxx launched the Swimtraxx One: the smartest swim specific system, ever. The Swimtraxx One tracks all important parameters during swimming such as lap times, stroke rates, breathing patterns and heart rate. The system clips onto your swimming goggles and can transmit the information in real time to a tablet. With Swimtraxx One, coaches no longer have to focus as much on their stopwatch during a workout. A true game changer. The system can also store your workouts so you can download and review it later through a mobile app. You can analyze and track your swim workouts to the greatest detail ever achieved to date.

Swimtraxx Team + Swimtraxx One
The Swimtraxx Team app running on a tablet connected to a Swimtraxx One.

“Coming from a swimming background ourselves, the most common feedback we faced about existing swimming trackers was that they are uncomfortable and do not provide valuable insights for athletes and coaches”, founder Jeroen Lecoutere says,“That’s why we spent a lot of effort on research on how to make the Swimtraxx One as small and as comfortable as possible. We prioritized usability of both the device and app so swimmers and their coaches can track their workouts during and after a swim. The feedback so far has been unanimously positive. We are extremely proud of the result and believe this will be a true game changer for swimming as a sport.”

The startup is also backed by Olympic medalists Femke Heemskerk and Pieter Timmers. “It's the little things that are vital. Little things make big things happen”, Olympic swimming champion Heemskerk shares, “The device is really small and will help me get more info on how I train,and on which details I can improve. It's for that reason I became a Swimtraxx ambassador.”

Pieter Timmers & Femke Heemskerk
Olympic silver medalist Pieter Timmers and Olympic Champion Femke Heemskerk.

“Swimtraxx One was developed in close collaboration with swimmers and coaches with the aim to change the world of swimming for all swimmers and coaches.”, Lecoutere adds, “We have worked with athletes of all levels, which has led to a system that suits everyone: Olympians, collegiate swimmers, club swimmers, triathletes and recreational swimmers. Basically, anyone that wants to track a swimming workout."

Swimtraxx One is currently available as a preorder on our website at a significant discount . The company also provides the opportunity to buy gift cards with the upcoming festive season in mind. The Belgian startup is looking for support from swimmers, triathletes and coaches to put this system, which is currently in a pre-production stage, into production and into swimmers’ hands by Spring 2020.

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