A quick tour around the Swimtraxx Mobile app.

A quick tour around the Swimtraxx Mobile app.

With the release of Swimtraxx’ demo of its mobile app in in the App Store as well as on Google Play, it’s time for a quick tour around the app! The app is completely free to download and has a variety of built-in features you can explore. Our developers talk you through our app and explain the app’s features.

Getting started.

Once you have downloaded the app and fired it up you can create an account or sign in with Google, Facebook or Apple if you use an iOS device. Once you are logged in, you can change certain features on your profile menu. Tap your name if you would like to change your username and add a picture to complete your Swimtraxx profile. On the profile menu you are able to access messages and connect with coaches or you can contact us to leave your feedback on the app.

Adding sample data.

We added a set of sample data to the app to showcase how in depth you will be able to track and analyze your workouts. To load this sample data, simply go to the profile menu and tap the ⚙️-icon. There, you’ll see the option to load sample workouts. After you tapped the button, it is time to explore the other tabs in the app.

My workouts.

There are 2 ways to view your workouts. First, you get a quick overview of your workouts on the app’s home dashboard. You can filter your workouts per week, month and year. To get a more in-depth overview of your workouts, you can go to the workouts tab. Here you can select the workout you want to analyze from the list or the calendar view. After having selected a workout, you get an overview of all the sets within the workout. If you select one of the sets, you can get a full breakdown of all the metrics that Swimtraxx One provides.


You and your coach also can leave comments for each workout. Tap the 💬 icon at the top right in an open workout. These comments are searchable in the workout overview, so you can use this feature to tag workouts or test sets. You can also use the feature to keep track of how the workout felt or you can use in any way you see suitable.

Our user interface.

We matched every tracked metric with a compatible icon to make it easy to see how you performed in different aspects of your workout. You can check your lap time, breath count, heart rate, stroke index, etc. We made a quick and easy guide for you to get an overview of what each icon represents!

Heart Rate breath count Breath Count
Stroke Index Stroke Count
Lap Time Stroke Type
Stroke Rate Stroke Length
Underwater Time Turn Time

Connect with your coach.

If you go to your Profile tab, you can press the “Coaches” button. From there you can invite someone to become your coach and give them access to all your workouts. Just enter the email address with which they signed up. We are also finalizing the iPad team application, which we will be demonstrating soon. Stay tuned!

Built-in FAQ and feedback functionality.

You can get in touch or access the FAQ-section from within the app. Simply go to your profile and tap the “Get in touch” button. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the app or Swimtraxx One!

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