Comfort matters, Swimtraxx One and your own goggles are a perfect fit!

Comfort matters, Swimtraxx One and your own goggles are a perfect fit!

Besides the different parameters we keep track of during your workout, Swimtraxx One has way more to offer! Today we discuss how comfort became part of the Swimtraxx One design.

From the beginning, it was clear that we did not want to interfere with the swimmer’s propulsive surfaces. Therefore, we tested different prototypes: starting with positioning the device on the swimmer’s back. We then did some testing to position it on the hips and finally concluded that the head was the most optimal position to measure the parameters and that in a comfortable way. Extensive research taught us that from a biomechanical perspective the head was the most interesting place to position our device. Here we could measure multiple parameters like nowhere else. A lot of interesting information can be obtained by placing it here: think for example of the tracking of your breathing patterns.

Pieter Timmers wearing Swimtraxx One.
Swimtraxx Ambassador Pieter Timmers wearing Swimtraxx One during a training session.

To come to the current design of Swimtraxx One, we have built multiple prototypes, organised multiple tests moments with elite swimmers and we have taken their feedback to heart and implemented it. From a practical point of view, we know that not all swimmers were wearing a cap during practice but did wear a pair of swimming goggles. As a result, we opted for a system that could be added to the strap of your favorite pair of goggles. The full symmetric design of the device allows you to wear Swimtraxx One both on the left- and righthand side of your goggles strap. Besides that, the device is so compact that it is integrated seamlessly with your goggles while swimming. Feedback from elite swimmers such as Femke Heemskerk and Pieter Timmers taught us that you do not even feel that you are wearing Swimtraxx One. According to all swimmers, the biggest benefit in terms of usage is the compatibility with a wide range of goggles available on the market.

To conclude, we can claim that Swimtraxx One is not only the smartest swim specific tracker ever, but also by far the most comfortable.

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