Dive into Excellence with Swimtraxx OS 2.0: The Ultimate Swim Data Upgrade

Dive into Excellence with Swimtraxx OS 2.0: The Ultimate Swim Data Upgrade

Swimtraxx is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of Swimtraxx OS 2.0, a groundbreaking firmware update for Swimtraxx One. This free update introduces a range of exciting features designed to elevate your swimming experience to new heights. In this blog post, we will explore the remarkable enhancements brought by Swimtraxx OS 2.0 and how it empowers swimmers to reach their full potential.

Race Ready: unveiling unprecedented insights.

Swimtraxx remains the pioneer in swim-specific platforms by offering both live heart rate and race data insights within a single system. Swimtraxx OS 2.0 is fully compliant with World Aquatics Rule SW 15.3, making it the first and only platform to provide this comprehensive capability in-race. With Swimtraxx OS 2.0, swimmers can gain immediate access to a wealth of race data, including key metrics immediately after finishing your race. Through the innovative Swimtraxx Team live mode, coaches and athletes can obtain real-time insights to analyze and optimize performance like never before.

10x Faster data offload: Efficiency at its finest.

Swimtraxx OS 2.0 introduces a monumental improvement in data offloading speed. Users can now transfer their swim data up to 10 times faster compared to previous versions of Swimtraxx OS. This significant enhancement allows swimmers to seamlessly and swiftly retrieve their valuable swim metrics, enabling them to focus more on what truly matters—their training and performance. Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to efficient data management with Swimtraxx OS 2.0.

Trained precision: enhanced algorithmic excellence.

Swimtraxx OS 2.0 leverages significant advancements in algorithmic precision. Through meticulous training of machine learning algorithms on a larger and more diverse dataset than ever before, Swimtraxx OS 2.0 ensures unparalleled accuracy in capturing and analyzing swim data. Swimmers will benefit from enhanced stroke recognition, lap tracking, and precise performance measurements. These valuable insights enable swimmers to fine-tune their technique, identify areas for improvement, and excel in the water. With Swimtraxx OS 2.0, you can unleash your full potential.

Free update, available today: our commitment to your success.

At Swimtraxx, we are committed to your success and continuous improvement. That's why Swimtraxx OS 2.0 is offered as a free update to all Swimtraxx One users. Our unwavering commitment is to empower swimmers on their path to excellence by consistently delivering the latest advancements and cutting-edge features. Do not miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to upgrade your Swimtraxx experience. Updating your firmware is easy and convenient through the user-friendly Swimtraxx apps. By keeping your Swimtraxx One up to date with Swimtraxx OS 2.0, you can take advantage of the most cutting-edge swim technology available.


Swimtraxx OS 2.0 marks a pivotal moment in swim technology, revolutionizing the way swimmers and coaches track, analyze, and optimize their performance. With its race-ready features, lightning-fast data offload speed, and trained precision algorithms, Swimtraxx OS 2.0 takes your swim experience to unprecedented levels. Embrace this free update and unlock a world of possibilities in the pursuit of swimming excellence. Update your Swimtraxx One today and embark on a journey of enhanced performance and unrivaled insights. Swimtraxx OS 2.0 is your key to unlocking your full potential in the water.

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