How Swimtraxx One was co-created with swimmers from all over the world.

How Swimtraxx One was co-created with swimmers from all over the world.

Swimtraxx One is created through close collaboration with coaches and their athletes. Following this path got us the most optimal design, a wide range of functionalities and the best comfort and user experience out there. Whether it was on the level of comfort, technology, functionality, design, … our cooperative approach paid off. Let us have a look back at how it all started, and how it is going today.

Already from an early stage, we worked together with the Belgian National Swimming Federation (Zwemfed). Later, our ambassadors, Pieter Timmers and Femke Heemskerk, added their feedback. Today they still give valuable feedback on the system and especially our coaching app. On another level, we asked swimmers all over the world to give Swimtraxx One a try. Next to the feedback from the home turf, we passed by in Australia (pre-Covid) where we talked with multiple coaches, asked for their feedback, and further improved and extended the functionalities of Swimtraxx One. The enthusiasm for Swimtraxx One is our fuel to bring this system to pools worldwide. Wherever they were in the world, both coaches and (elite-)athletes contributed heavily to the result that is currently going through production.

Femke Heemskerk moments before starting a workout.

Because of the wide test procedure with diverse types of swimmers, the device is widely accessible. Swimmers and their coaches are at the foundation of Swimtraxx One. Therefore, Swimtraxx One is a system that suits every kind of swimmer: Olympians, club swimmers, triathletes, collegiate swimmers, and recreational swimmers. If you like swimming and you want to be able to follow your progress easily, Swimtraxx One is ideal for you!

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