Looking forward: #backinthepool

Looking forward: #backinthepool

Global society is going through unprecedented times. Never has society been shaken up more drastically in the course of our generation. A worldwide lockdown has restricted countless people to do what they love.

For our sport specifically, pools have been closing all over the world. Competitions were cancelled or postponed. Plans were disrupted. Our beloved sport has been put on hold and we all needed to be creative to cope.

But next to worries, hardship and struggle, crisis also brings opportunity. The opportunity to reflect, the opportunity to change, the opportunity to grow.

Never before has health been so central. We have learned what really matters: leading happy and healthy lifestyles.

Now society is coming out of the lockdown, it is time to look forward. Take those learnings of the past months and implement them into our future life.

Pools are reopening worldwide, and a new season is coming up. Things won’t be the same as before, but we will be back in the pool, back where we belong.

That’s why we have launched our #BackInThePool campaign, to support swimming all over the world.


Jeroen Lecoutere

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