Meet the team: Zoë, signal engineer at Swimtraxx.

Meet the team: Zoë, signal engineer at Swimtraxx.

Meet Zoë, who leads our signal engineering. We asked her about what it’s like to work for Swimtraxx, her opinion on Swimtraxx One and more.

Zoë has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in biomedical engineering from KU Leuven. Apart from working at Swimtraxx, she enjoys doing sports herself like hiking, yoga and fitness. Let’s find out what she had to say.


Hi Zoë. Could you tell our readers what it is you do within the company to start things off?

As a signal engineer, I develop the algorithms which extract different swimming parameters (e.g. stroke rate, turn time,..) from the raw data recorded by the sensors of Swimtraxx One. The algorithm is based on techniques within the fields of data processing and machine learning. For that, accuracy is key and we further improve our algorithms every day.

Why did you decide to join the Swimtraxx team?

I was looking for an opportunity where I could challenge my knowledge of data science to help develop an innovative product. You could argue that the kinds of opportunities I just described are situated in a broad field. But what really excited me about Swimtraxx is that I can work with human movement data.

Moreover, I really love the company culture. At Swimtraxx, we heavily invest in an open culture where multi-directional feedback is at the core. In this way, we can grow to become the best version of ourselves as individuals and as a team, which impacts on its turn the quality of the product.

What part of working on a project like this do you enjoy the most?

One of the nicest things of working in a start-up is that you see the process of the product development from close by. Even though I work on the algorithm development, I am still up to date with what happens on the development of the other technical aspects of Swimtraxx One.

"Swimtraxx innovates with cutting edge algorithms
running straight on chip."

Swimtraxx One is on the way. Can you tell us what’s special about this device and the biggest innovations from your point of view?

One of the biggest innovations from my point of view is that our cutting edge algorithms are running straight on chip. This means that the data is processed by Swimtraxx One itself in real time. In other words, the parameters are much faster available than in applications where the raw data would be sent to the cloud first and processed afterwards. 

To end on a fun note, what is the funniest thing to ever happen in the workplace?

I think the funniest moments happen during our billiard tournament. We almost daily play a game. Some of us can get their energy out during the game (which at times results in balls jumping off the table), while others need to handle some trash talk because they lost the game.

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