Last week we were invited by FINA to host a webinar on their learning platform
(https://learning.fina.org/live-session-replay-jeroen-lecoutere/). The topic of the webinar was “data collection in swimming”. In this blog we have summarised the key messages of the presentation and we have a highlight video at the end of the blog if you don’t feel like watching the whole stream.

What data should you be collecting?

Swimming is a very data-rich sport. First, there are 4 stroke types (6 if you count kicking and sculling) which are all measured differently. To have a good insight of how you are performing, you need to count quite a few parameters. You want to count your strokes per lap and the amount of times you breath per lap. You also want to measure your stroke rate and record your lap time, underwater time and turn time. Finally, you would also like to keep track of your heart rate during your workouts.

How can coaches combine data collection with motivation?

A coach is there to coach. Their job is to motivate their swimmers and push them to their limits. Coaches typically spend most of their time collecting data. The reason to why this is so time consuming is the fact that it is all manual work. Measuring laps with a stopwatch and jotting the times down on a piece of paper or inserting them in a spreadsheet is what makes all this work so cumbersome. Swimtraxx was invented to offer a solution to this problem.

How do you start collecting data to improve your workouts?

At Swimtraxx, we have always believed that wearability is the key to a great swimming tracker. Thanks to our sleek design and accurate sensors we can collect tons of data during a workout. This data is then translated into easily readable insights on our Swimtraxx app. As a coach you will be able to see the collected data in real time to give the perfect feedback after each lap or set. As a swimmer this means that you can start to fully concentrate on your technique rather than your own lap times.

We have compiled a 10-minute highlight video and if you would like to watch the full stream you can do so via the link at the end!

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