Update: restart of data collection

Update: restart of data collection

Finally! We are back in the pool. This meant that we could continue to test Swimtraxx One to the fullest. Two weeks ago, we went to the Olympic training facility in Antwerp to get some fresh data for the first time since the lockdown. Our hardware engineering lead (Tom) and signal engineering lead (Zoë) will tell you how those days went.


“Our testing days went according to plan and the results are great. Basically, what we are doing during testing days is collecting new data to further improve our algorithms. This means that we sync up the recordings with video data . With the data that we have collected we can see how the algorithms inside Swimtraxx One are performing and where we can improve them. This way we make sure the device can measure your workout as accurate as possible!”


“As Zoë mentioned, the main goal of the testing days was to improve our current algorithm. Another thing we always test thoroughly is the real-time communication between the device and the app. Because we want coaches to be able to get live insights from their swimmers’ performance, we  make sure that the communication runs smoothly. Apart from the communication protocol we also had the opportunity to collect feedback from the swimmers on the mechanical design. With this feedback we are able to reaffirm the great comfort of the tracker during swimming."

To give you a better idea of how a testing day usually goes, we created a short video! 

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