Working remotely: from the office to the cloud!

Working remotely: from the office to the cloud!

Working at the office has not been a possibility lately. But this doesn’t mean that we don’t continue to deliver quality at Swimtraxx. We made a successful switch from the office to the cloud. This way we, as a company, don’t stand on hold.

Wondering how do we remotely continue to deliver quality at Swimtraxx? Well, this blog post will take a closer look at how things are going at our company today. There is a lot of good to say about remote working and we are continuing to transition towards a remote-first organization.

For us, office life has moved to the cloud environment. Online office life offers multiple advantages. No more commute to the office. You get up, eat your breakfast, pour yourself a cup of coffee and sit behind your desk. No traffic jams, harsh weather, noisy passengers or anything that disturbs your mood. Quite a good start of the day!

Swimtraxx Teams Meeting

Although we used to take relaxing breaks at the office and play a game of billiard, this is no longer the case. But that doesn't mean that we don't have relaxing moments together anymore. Now we have moved the relaxation to the virtual world. Together we take a coffee break online and play games like Skribbl. Maybe this is even more relaxing than before? Cozy from home, maybe with your sweatpants on or a blanket over your shoulders. We do however miss the social contact with each other a bit.

The Swimtraxx One continues to evolve positively during this time. We continue to improve the algorithms, stay in online contact with the suppliers and the production samples get sent back and forth. Delivering the best swim tracker ever stays our top priority, also from home. The Swimtraxx team contributes as much as we can to this. To create a good final product, we measure the output of the team, not the hours we can see each other sitting in the office!

So, the Swimtraxx team continues! The new coronavirus restrictions do not stop us from doing qualitative work. As David Heinemeier Hansson once said: “Culture doesn’t grow because of an unblinking gaze by a manager with direct line of sight over his underlings. Quite the contrary.”

Thank you for your interest in this blogpost. Be sure to keep an eye out for new blogposts as we will regularly be adding swim specific content. We have some tips and tricks scheduled as well. If you wish to stay updated about our news, subscribe to our newsletter below and never miss a thing.

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