Swim parameters tracking system

Swimtraxx has developed a swim tracking device that registers tons of data that is translated into real-time valuable insights in the Swimtraxx app. Because it even measures your heart rate next to many other swim specific parameters, it’s the first of it’s kind.

Swimtraxx One tracks parameters such as heart rate, turn time, lap time, push-off acceleration, stroke type, stroke rate, stroke count, breath count and underwater time. In open water the available parameters are heart rate, stroke rate, stroke count, stroke type and breath count.

With Swimtraxx One you can now keep track of your training skills in a super efficient way without having to collect the data yourself.

This gives you and your coach the possibility to focus on your swimming training skills and you get the time to enjoy the sport you love even more. 

Check out https://www.swimtraxx.com/ for more info!