Ultra short race pace training device

When doing ultra short race pace training, also known as USRPT, the overall goal is to prepare the body for an actual race by imitating the race situation during a workout. Because the race-specific swimming situation is of high intensity, training for it during workouts will have the optimal performance as an outcome during the competition. 

Swimtraxx has developed a swim tracking device that helps you train your USRPT because it is able to track every lap of your workout as well as every split time. Swimtraxx One allows you or your coach to do so in real time. You can check your workout details in your logbook, follow up your sets and how you want to split these different sets during your workout.

The Swimtraxx One gets easily clicked onto the side of your swimming goggles and automatically registeres tons of information to the Swimtraxx app.

Check https://www.swimtraxx.com/ for more info.