Control the controllable: a healthy lifestyle.

Control the controllable: a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus is still present in the world. It seems like something we cannot control, but that is not entirely true. Instead of focusing on things you cannot control, it helps focus on the things you can control. In this blogpost we will discuss some things you have control over.

The most important thing of all is that you can choose how you react to a situation. This is something you have in your own hands. Instead of reacting sadly and angrily to the virus, you could look at it from a different angle. The situation has given us a lot of extra time that you would not have had otherwise. You can do something useful with that extra time. For example, you could start to become the best and fittest version of yourself as you still have control over your own body. Luckily, the swimming pools are open again in quite some countries! It is the ideal time to fully focus on swimming. The coronavirus is a good excuse to spend some more time in the pool.

As an earlier blog post mentioned, movement is also good to make you resilient against the virus. Exercise ensures a better immune system which protects you against various diseases. In addition, it is also good for your mental health, something we can certainly use in this period. Exercise releases feel-good substances in your brain and that is of great benefit to our well-being! Keeping your body moving is the main message here!

In addition, more time has been freed up for healthy cooking. You could try out some new recipes or motivate yourself to eat healthy and tasty food. What you put in your body, you also radiate. And of course, a healthy lifestyle with a lot of vitamins also gives you more resistance against viruses! Furthermore, following a healthy diet will also improve your performance in the pool. Healthy, balanced nutrition supplies more energy and better recovery.

It is already a challenging time, do not make it too difficult for yourself. Focus on what you can control and make the best of it. Who knows, you come out of this crisis fitter than ever before, you may feel better than ever before and you may be thankful that you have that time to work on yourself!

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