Why live insights at the pool deck are a true gamechanger.

Why live insights at the pool deck are a true gamechanger.

We all know that one coach who is trying his best to note down split times, stroke counts, etc. during workouts: armed with a stopwatch and a piece of paper doomed to get wet. In many cases the notes get lost - bye-bye data. With some luck the notes make it to the coach's desk. And in the best case they are inputted into a spreadsheet - “for later analyses.” We all know that analyses will never happen. So why even make the effort?

Many swimmers wonder why their coach is standing by the pool, only to take notes and lose precious coaching time. They would love to get more attention and feedback on their technique. Same story for the coaches: they are focused on their stopwatch and a piece of paper. They cannot spend time on real coaching and once everything has been written down, time needs to be spent processing those almost unreadable notes. Swimtraxx One is a true gamechanger and offers a solution to all these problems and frustrations!

With Swimtraxx One you can track all your workouts from a to z. The device registers tons of data while swimming, streaming them in real time to the coach’s iPad. Both you and your coach can follow your workout in the most efficient way possible. Swimtraxx One registers your complete workout: your sets, lap times, strokes, turn speed, heart rate, stoke rate, stroke efficiency, etc. We keep track of how many workouts, hours, and kilometers you have swum in a certain week, month, or year. The 2016 Rio Olympic 100m freestyle silver medalist, Pieter Timmers said in an interview lately that Swimtraxx One is his second coach. Do we need to say more?

Pieter Timmers getting live insight feedback from his coach using Swimtraxx Team for iPad

Through customizable dashboards in the Swimtraxx Team App different parameters for each swimmer can be watched. In this way we offer coaches the possibility to focus on different parameters for different swimmers. A lot of time can be transferred from taking notes to e.g., improving the technique of your swimmers. Each swimmer can improve at the points where they need the most work to be done.

We warmly invite you to test Swimtraxx Team for iPad. This app is, next to Swimtraxx One and Swimtraxx Mobile, the third keystone of the Swimtraxx system. As we have said previously and repeatedly, we value your feedback a lot. No need to say that we are looking forward to your remarks.

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Swimtraxx is a system that helps both the swimmer and the coach. To wrap this blog up: “Goodbye writing down times, hello coaching!”

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