Introducing Swimtraxx One, the smartest
swim specific system. Ever.

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The smartest swim specific tracker. Ever.

Swimtraxx One registers tons of data that are translated into real-time valuable insights in the free app on an iPad or your mobile phone.

You can now efficiently keep track of your sets without having to collect the data yourself. This gives you time to enjoy the sport you love even more. Because it even measures your heart rate next to many other swim specific parameters, it’s the first of its kind.

The free Swimtraxx app allows you to keep track of every workout detail on your smartphone. As a coach, you can track your whole team in real-time with our Swimtraxx Team iPad app, while the app bundles all information individually per swimmer.


Comfort that fits your own goggles.

You want to wear a comfortable and practical system that doesn’t bug you while swimming, we completely understand. That is why we worked together with a wide range of elite athletes to bring you the most comfortable design to date. The Swimtraxx One matches the comfort of your favorite swimming goggles. Just clip them onto your goggle strap and you’re good to go.

Accuracy and tons of information.

Many years of academic research have led up to the creation of Swimtraxx One. The intelligence inside the system provides you with an accuracy down to hundreds of a second. Our high performance algorithms calculate everything as you swim in real-time. No more work collecting data after you get out of the pool. As a coach, you can now spend less time on collecting data. Instead, you will have more time for technique and motivation during those tough sets. The Swimtraxx One works in inside pools as well as outside waters.

Co-created with Champions.

We optimized Swimtraxx One to have the best usability for you. Swimtraxx One suits everyone: Olympians, collegiate swimmers, club swimmers, triathletes and recreational swimmers. Swimmers are at the foundation of Swimtraxx. The system results from close collaboration with Olympic coaches and their athletes. This collaborative mindset resulted in the most practical system to date. With Swimtraxx One you can keep track of workouts on your phone or tablet during or after your swims.

Automatic insights.

Heart rate

Measure the activity of the most important muscle of your body. Beat by beat.
Coming 2022

Stroke identifier

Automatically identify whether you swam fly, back, breast, free or kick.

Turn time

Track the rotational speed of every turn and blast off those walls in your next race.

Underwater time

Every breakout counts. Get a clear view of your hypoxic effort for every lap.


Calculate the efficiency of your strokes.

Stroke Rate

Keep track of the frequency of each of your strokes. Stroke by stroke.

Stroke Count

Track the efficiency of your stroke and optimize your race performance.

Lap time

Get every split of your set and workout recorded. Lap by lap.

Breath Count

Detect breathing patterns during sets for every workout. Breath by breath.


The Swimtraxx team is passionate about promoting the sport of swimming. By globally bringing Swimtraxx to swimmers like you, we are giving back to a sport that has given us so much. This mission also enables us to partner with athletes and support them on their journey. When you use Swimtraxx, you support the sport and its athletes.

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Swimtraxx One is packed with cutting edge technology that registers tons of swimming data and allows you and your coach to efficiently keep track of your sets and to get automated insights into your swimming workouts.

Included in the box: Swimtraxx One, Magnetic Charging Cable, Quick Start Guide.
Swimtraxx OS updates are free and easy to install.
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