Our mission is what drives us to optimize human performance.
We aspire to become the leading sports technology company in niche sports,
to inspire generations and to give back to the sports we love.

Sports is a platform for the greater good. It has a massively positive impact on
communities, health and personal development. Swimtraxx wants to play a leading role in
supporting sports as a driver for valuable change.

Sports brings people together. Sports connects people of all kinds,
builds communities and incites deep collective emotion.

Sports is a major key to a healthier society. Investing in healthy lifestyles significantly
prevents the most common diseases of our time.

Sports teaches humanity how to deal with winning and losing.
It teaches us to bounce back from setbacks. It shows us that pushing through tough times
can lift us to our next level. Sports inspires generations.

The company behind Swimtraxx contributes to this movement
by bringing innovation to the world of sports. Creating novel products that are loved
by athletes and coaches is what we do.

"We've built the smartest swim specific system. Ever"

Jeroen Lecoutere, founder Swimtraxx.


imageJeroen Lecoutere founded Swimtraxx from his passion for sports and technology. He started swimming at a very young age, made the Belgian junior national team and is a national champion and record holder. He swam with teams in Belgium, The Netherlands, the USA and Australia. Lecoutere obtained a PhD in Electrical Engineering titled “Wireless wearable electronics in sports and medical applications” for which he performed research in both Belgium and Australia. Lecoutere met a lot of athletes and coaches throughout his career that were not satisfied with existing sports technology products. This is why he built the Swimtraxx team to bring the smartest swim specific system ever to the world of swimming.


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