Valuable insights into
all your workouts.

Swimtraxx One registers tons of data that is translated into valuable insights in the free app on your mobile phone.

The demo allows you to take a look at how every workout detail is tracked by Swimtraxx One and how we bring that data to your smartphone.

Install the demo now and discover why Swimtraxx One is the smartest swim specific system. Ever.


1. Install & Log-In
Download the demo app,
install and register
your account.
2. Setup your profile
Setup your profile by
completing your name
and uploading your avatar.
load sample data
3. Load Sample Data
Through the settings menu
you can load a bunch of
sample data into the app.
start exploring
4. Start Exploring
All set for now.
You can start exploring the app.
Feedback is always welcome!

Having questions about the demo app? Have a look below - we might already have answered it. If not - ask us through the chat button in the right bottom corner of your screen. We are happy to help you out.

None. You can download the app for FREE onto your mobile phone. There are no additional costs for further use.

All registered swimming data will be transferred and automatically saved into readable, insightful information on the Swimtraxx app. Swimmer and coach can use this app on their mobile phone. We are providing this demo so you can see how your swimming data will eventually be displayed in the app.

As a coach you are able to view the performance of the swimmer in real time via the Swimtraxx Team app for iPad. When ready with swimming as a swimmer, you can also look up your performance on your personal Swimtraxx app for mobile devices.

We will also be demonstrating the Swimtraxx Team app for coaches in the very near future.

We want to give you a clear insight into the power and user-friendliness of our products.